Our vision
in the Libyan African Aviation Holding Company​

LAAHCO seeks to be an aviation group with a strong and distinct national identity that occupies a leading position and a global reputation.


LAAHCO is an economic entity specialized in aviation industries, it has the right to establish subsidiaries companies wholly direct ownership or jointly with other local and international companies and individuals under Libyan law, it has the right to buy shares and establish securities funds with its contents of shares, bank bills, bonds and other securities, and it has the right to act as a commercial agent in accordance with the laws and rules.

In order to carry out its activities, LAAHCO has the right to own assets such as real estate, transportation and import operating equipment and requirements, and it has the right to participate in any way with other companies and organizations that carry out activities similar to theirs, or to cooperate with them to achieve their purpose inside or outside Libya, or to merge with, buy or attach to it, and it has the right to carry out any business Others do not contradict the provisions of the laws and legislation in force.


​Ensure the sustainable development of human resources with training and training programs to improve performance.

​Assuring the trust of the shareholders, maintaining customer satisfaction and gain new customers’ loyalty.

Developing new service plans and various investment projects to raise the return on invested capital.

​Focusing on expanding an integrated air network at the local and global levels, developing aircraft fleet, establishing MRO maintenance centers, ground services, catering services and air cargo to enhance competitiveness and acquire the largest share in the Libyan air transport market.

​Commitment to provide higher quality of aviation services and other investment fields, with distinct efficiency and effectiveness by applying the total safety , security & quality standards and create value additions.

​Participate in the development of the national economy and establish a professional institutional entity that will develop the air transport sector and reach international standards.

The implementation of the strategic plan adopted by the subsidiaries was circulated and followed up, in an important step to achieve integration between the companies and to confirm the reflection of its activity on the holding company and the role of the holding in supporting the subsidiaries and overcoming difficulties. The steps are as follows:

    • Focusing on rationalization and spending on the minimum, and seizing revenue generation opportunities.
    • Structuring funds, evaluating assets, swapping debts, and balancing revenues and expenses.
    • Personnel management, by adjusting organizational structures, administrative procedures tracks, and developing administrative and operational work methods.
    • Handling the legal status of companies.
    • Promoting good governance, assessing and confronting risks

Our strategy

Our top management has implementing rescue plan project the 2020-2022, approved by the board of directors and the general assembly, given the security and political conditions that the country went through, and the damage to the company’s assets in subsidiaries, in addition to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and work with a minimum number of workers And the slow economic movement.

The company’s management have hold general assemblies meetings for all companies partners, and their problems were identified and helped in providing the necessary solutions. In addition to studying their conditions for the purpose of addressing and settling the distressed or unfeasible situation, correcting the legal conditions of some companies and studying mechanisms and ways to benefit from all available resources and properties. With an attempt to restore activity in companies and actually operate them according to the current data, as well as work to re-evaluate their conditions, rationalize expenditures, create an integrative environment, and search for new investment opportunities to achieve rewarding revenues.

LAAHCO seeks to be an aviation group with a strong and distinct national identit


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