Libyan airlines

Libyan airlines came into being as the national carrier in 1964. Under the name of “Kingdom of Libya Airlines”, the company has been a steadfast symbol of stability, national unity and competence, Despite changes to the company name, becoming “Libyan Arab Airlines’ in 1970 and latterly “Libyan Airlines”, and to the logo, our commitment to excellence has always remained rovide Safe, Reliable And Convent Air Transport Services And Connections Between North Africa And The Rest Of The World And To Extend Such Services Through Alliance With Complementary Carriers; Provide Our Passengers With The Highest Levels Of Safety, Quality And , Security And Comfort While Maintaining Regular , Efficient , Economic And Orderly Movement Of LN Aircraft;

Deliver Quality Service Through Integrated And Dedicated Teams Of Highly Trained Professionals At Standards Surpassing The Competition; Perform At Increasing Levels Of Productivity And Efficiency That Will Generate Rates Of Probability To Sustain Its Growth Allow For Its Reinvestment In The Development, Improvement And Wellbeing Of Its Human Resources.


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