Libyan Ground Servic Co.


is owned by Libyan African Aviation Holding Company, (LAAHCO), based in Libya. It was the First Handling Company to ever operate in Libya provides full ground handling services on 24-hours basis, and active at all Libyan airports. We’re capable of expediting your journey with the help of expert handling facilities. Owing to our rich experience in the aviation field which goes back to more than 40 years ago. As a result, we have developed and secured a network of resources that will meet your.

Through our 40 years of experience in the field of aviation services, we managed to build a network of resources that will provide your fleet with all the necessary ramp equipment according to the aircraft type and flight purpose. Libyan Ground Services staff are well trained on dealing with almost all types of aircrafts, and is well informed of the requirements of every aircraft from equipment and the required time for providing high quality service in the least time to ensure cost efficiency. specific demands and needs, wherever and whenever you plan to fly to Libya.


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