Libyan Catering Co.


  • libyan Catering Co founded by the former general public committee’s decision No.11 2007, with a capital of (10,000,000) ten million Libya Dinars.
  • libyan catering co is a joint-stock company which replaced the Libyan Arab airlines in the section of catering the flight services it provides.
  • Have more than 600 employees.
  • Managed by qualified personnel in different fields.
  • Has more than one branch and multiple offices: (Tripoli Main Branch, Benghazi Branch, Sebha Office, Emetiga Airport office (Tripoli), Refrigeration Compound (Tripoli).
  • Prepares approximately (3000) meals a day through Tripoli branch and another (1000) meals through Benghazi Branch.
  • Provides Catering services to some other carriers according to their contracts.
  • Provides catering services to some public sectors and clinics.
  • Also provides catering services for Fairs and festivals.


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